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St. Mary School Local Education Advisory Council

LEAC Members:

Elected Members
Tony Huffman - President Ben Schenkel - Vice President
Lori Lutz - Secretary Carol Wharff
Dave Baker Kerry Westermeyer
School Personnel Liaison Members
Msgr. Mike Campbell - Pastor Jenny Altenburger - Finance
Father Tom - Parochial Vicar Brian Chavez - Boosters
Susan Rauch - Principal

Susan Cisar - Home & School

Tammi Bradley-Markeing

The Local Education Advisory Council is a 12 member Council.  The council is made up of 6 members elected by the Parish.  Each elected member serves a 3 year term, 2 new members elected each year in May.  The remainder of the position are: the Rector of the Church, Parochial Vicar, Principal, president of the Booster, president of Home & School, as well as a member of the church Finance Council that is appointed by Finance Council.  As stated in the LEAC Constitution, our responsibilities are as follows (Full version of Constitution at the bottom of this page)

  1. The LEAC shall be a consultative body to the principal and pastoral administrator in governance regarding school policy.
  2. LEAC policies must be approved by the pastoral administrator and school LEAC and shall be implemented by the principal, staff and faculty of the school. The diocesan superintendent will be informed of major policy changes.
  3. The LEAC shall be responsible for:
    • Planning.
    • Policy development.
    • Financing.
    • Evaluation of LEAC responsibilities.
  4. In keeping with the stipulations of the Handbook for Schools, Diocese of Steubenville, the school LEAC shall have oversight of all monies raised in the name of the school. Each fund raising group, i.e. Home and School, Boosters, will present an annual budget to the LEAC.
  5. The LEAC shall be consultative to the pastoral administrator in the process of hiring the school principal and renewal/nonrenewable of his/her contract. The criteria and guidelines provided by the diocesan handbook for schools will be followed.
  6. The LEAC shall abide by the policies of the diocesan school LEAC and, where applicable, the regulations of the State of Ohio.

Past Minutes:

2017 February regular meeting

2017 January regular meeting

2016 December regular meeting

2016 November regular meeting

2016 October regular meeting

2016 September 2nd meeting

2016 September regular meeting

2016 August regular meeting

2016 June regular meeting

2016 May regular meeting

2016 April regular meeting

2016 March regular meeting

2016 February regular meeting

2016 January regular meeting

2015 November regular meeting

2015 October regular meeting

2015 September regular meeting

2015 August regular meeting

Local Education Advisory Council Constitution