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Student Evaluation

The purpose of evaluation is to provide an accurate and honest report of progress in meeting the goals and objectives of the curriculum of the Diocese of Steubenville.  This report is provided to both the student and the parents.  Marks for achievement in grades 1 - 8 are issued as follows:

A   93 - 100   Superior
B   85 -  92   Above Average
C   75 -  84   Average
D   66 -  74   Below Average
F   65 - below   Failure

Other marks for achievement are:

O   Outstanding for the child's ability.
S   Satisfactory for the child's ability.
U   Unsatisfactory for the child's ability.

Marks for Effort and Conduct are:

O   Outstanding
S   Satisfactory
U   Unsatisfactory

Marks for achievement in preschool and kindergarten are issued as follows:

O   Outstanding
S   Satisfactory
I   Improving
N   Needs Improvement
T   Needs more Time to develop
/   Not evaluated at this time.


It is imperative that effort be considered at the same time that progress marks are reviewed.  Not all students have the ability to make superior or above average academic progress.  If a student is making an earnest effort in his or her schoolwork, parents are encouraged to accept the student's rated classification or level.  If, on the other hand, the student is capable of doing better work, the parents, the teacher and the student should meet for the purpose of developing a plan to assist the student.  

It is sometimes necessary to make significant modifications in the regular curriculum to meet the individual needs of a student.  In such cases, a narrative report card will be used.  This report will list the accomplishments of the student and will note the level of work that is being presented.  A narrative, in such cases, will provide a more relevant report of student progress than would the standard report card.

Honor Roll for grades 3 - 8:  Principal’s List 4.0, Honor’s List 3.5 – 3.99, Merit List 3.0 – 3.499

Report cards for grades K - 8 are distributed four (4) times a year, once each quarter.  Report cards will be mailed to the parents/guardians. Interim reports are issued midway in each of the four (4) quarters. Narrative reports will accompany the report card or interim reports when a student has earned a D or an F in a class; or when the grade has dropped from an A to a C in one grading period; and/or in cases where there are concerns regarding behavior, work habits, attitude or effort. 

Report cards for preschoolers are not issued the 1st quarter.  However, they are issued for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters.

If a tuition/fee account is delinquent over 90 calendar days, that student's report card will be withheld until the account is current.  Final report cards for the year will be held if the account is delinquent, even for fewer than 90 days.

Report Cards are to be signed by the parent or guardian.  We ask that the report card for the first three grading periods be returned to the homeroom teacher within one week after distribution.  After the 4th grading period, the report card remains with the parents and is not returned to school.

If a student withdraws from school prior to the end of the school year, the report card will be given to the parent or guardian, or sent directly to the next school if requested, provided that all outstanding tuition and fees have been paid.

Mid-term Reports
Students will receive mid-term progress reports for all four grading periods.  Mid-term reports will be sent home with students.  A duplicate copy of the report will be mailed to the parent if any of the following occur:

-   "D" or "F" in any subject
-   A drop of 2 or more letter grades from the most recent report card (i. e., grade drops from an "A" to a "C").
-   concerns regarding behavior, work habits, attitude or effort

Retention is an extreme measure.  The recommendation for retention will be made if, after weighing the immediate and long-term benefits against the disadvantages, it is determined that the child will benefit significantly from repeating the same educational program. Factors to be considered are the child’s age, mental, social and physical maturity, his/her past academic record, and the attitude of the parents.  In no case will retention be for punitive purposes.

Generally, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • A student should not be retained more than once.
  • A student should rarely be retained beyond the primary level.
  • The consent of the parents should be obtained if a child is to be retained.

If retention is not determined to be in the best interest of the child but the child is not prepared to do the work of the next grade assignments, he/she should be placed in rather than promoted to the next grade.  The report card and the cumulative record will be marked to indicate that the student was placed in the next grade.


Standardized Tests - The Diocesan Office of Education shall prescribe the standardized group testing program, including achievement and cognitive, to be used by all Diocesan Schools.

ACRE  –Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education. This test, which is administered to all students in grades 5 and 8, measures student knowledge of the Catholic faith. 

SAT & ACT  -  7th and 8th graders who score at or above the 95th %ile rank on standardized tests are eligible for SAT and ACT testing sponsored by the Midwest Talent Search Organization of Northwestern University.  Participation is left to the discretion of the parents. The fee for this test is the responsibility of the parent.

Explore - 4th, 5th, & 6th graders who score at or above the 95th %ile rank on standardized tests are eligible to participate in the Midwest Talent Search for Young Students program sponsored by Northwestern University.  Participation is left to the discretion of the parents. The fee for this test is the responsibility of the parent.

State Achievement Tests – Students who may be attending St. Mary School on an EdChoice Scholarship will take all required state achievement tests in addition to Standardized Tests administered to all students attending Diocese of Steubenville schools.