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Parent Teacher Conferences

The equivalent of two Parent Conferences days is included in the regular school calendar.  The parent – teacher conference is a time when student strengths as well as areas of weaknesses are discussed.  Conferences should not be viewed as a time to meet only when there are problems.

First Conference: Conferences will be scheduled for each student.  The parent(s), teacher(s), and student will meet to discuss student progress and to plan for future development.  If the teacher, parent or student has identified concerns in the areas of academics, behavior, work/study habits, etc., a plan to address these concerns will be developed at the conference.  If time does not permit the development of an intervention plan at that time, then an appointment will be set for a second meeting. 

Second Conference: The parent(s), teacher(s) and student will meet to discuss student progress to date.  If an intervention plan was developed at an earlier meeting, then this second conference can be a time when the effectiveness of that plan is reviewed, and if necessary, amended.

Additional Conferences Parents and teachers are not limited to the two conferences that are included in the school calendar.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to meet/confer at other times as warranted by the needs of the individual student.  Either the teacher or the parent can request these additional conferences.  Conference alternatives include teacher/student meetings, telephone conferences and if necessary, home visits. 

A written summary of parent – teacher conferences will be maintained in the cumulative folder.