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Home and School Communications

Parents are encouraged to ask questions concerning the education of their children, and such questions are to be directed to the teacher.  Teachers are available to meet with parents before or after the instructional day and during the teacher’s planning period.  Appointments to meet with a teacher are to be scheduled directly with the teacher in question.

The office staff will not interrupt a teacher with telephone calls during instructional time. A message will be put in the teacher’s mailbox, and calls will be returned before school, after school, during lunch, or during the teacher’s planning period.

If a situation is serious enough to require the attention of the principal, an appointment may be scheduled through the school office.  If the concern or situation is not resolved at the building level, the Diocesan Office of Education may be contacted to help resolve the situation. 

The St. Mary’s Local Education Advisory Council, the Pastor, and the principal can be contacted regarding policy-making decisions (i.e. admissions policy, dress code, etc.).  The Local Education Advisory Council is an advisory group, and as such, does not have jurisdiction over school staff.  School personnel matters are the responsibility and authority of the principal, Pastor Administrator and the Diocesan Office of Education.