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Fifth Grade - Mrs. Cathy Dunaway

     Stations of the Cross will be on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. (mass attire, please).  Have a blessed Easter and enjoy spring break!


 Vocabulary snapshots will be due; Latin root # 26 is "spec".   Due to the short week, no reading response or quote response will be due.  We'll also do the reading concepts from Lesson 23 after spring break.  This week, students will begin research for their landmark report and project.




No new concepts this week.


No new concepts this week.


This week, students will use models to multiply fractions, will multiply fractions, and practice graphing.


A quiz over Unit 15, Lessons 1,2, and 3 will be given on Monday, 4/10.  

Science 2

Students will set up an inquiry called "Make Light Prints" and check on it after spring break.  They'll then move on to exploring sound.  Students will explore sound by hitting various lengths of PVC piping.

Social St.

Students will make a George Washington puppet!




This is a DARE week.   Also, students will explore solutions to avoiding violence.


Students' final copy of their DARE essay is due on Wednesday, 4/12.