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Fifth Grade - Mrs. Cathy Dunaway


Find a great book, grab a cold lemonade, locate a cool spot, and let your book take you on an amazing journey!


Include a salutation and a closing in your letter.  Also, watch those commas!


Write and mail a letter to a distant relative or friend.  Don't forget to check your spelling!


Practice, practice, practice your math facts at the pool, in the car, on the field, etc., etc., etc.!

Science 5

As you play outside, notice God's beautiful creation in nature and remember to thank Him for it!

Science 2

Predict the weather by looking at the clouds!

Social Studies

Travel and observe people in different locations.  How are they alike and different from you?


Remember to eat healthy snacks, get plenty of exercise, and plenty of sleep!


Surprise someone by sending them a postcard!

Have a relaxing, exciting, and joy-filled summer!