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Raising Funds Without Fundraising:,

Keeping Children’s Education Affordable


What is Scrip?
Scrip is an easy way to raise money for St. Mary Catholic School without selling anything. Companies sell gift cards to the school at a reduced rate. The school then sells the cards to you at face value, and the school keeps the difference as profit. For example: Giant Eagle will sell St. Mary Catholic School a $100 gift card for $95. The school will then sell you the $100 gift card at face value and you have access to the full amount when you go the store. You earn money for the school by spending the money that you spend already! The only thing extra to do is make sure you have ordered your Scrip.

Why Should I Use Scrip?
St. Mary Catholic School is the only school in the entire Diocese of Steubenville that is supported by a single parish church. The parish subsidizes the school almost $200,000 a year. Scrip raises money for the school just by spending the money you already do on groceries, gas, dining out, shopping, and various forms of entertainment. There are over 700 different businesses that make use of the Scrip program.

How Much will the School Earn?
The earning potential is unlimited! Take a look at this chart to see how much just one family can contribute to the school, just by making wise use of their finances by using the Scrip program.

If the roughly 1000 families of the basilica parish made use of this program to its fullest, we could collectively raise over $1,000,000 for the school a year without any fundraising!

How do I order Scrip?

There are many different ways to order your Scrip.

  1. Order through the school office
         1. Complete this online form or download an order form to send to school with your child and have the cards sent home
         2. Stop by the office to order and pick up yourself
  2. Buy after Mass on the weekends
        1. Complete this online form or download an order form to send to the school indicating to pick up at Mass
        2. Pick up what you need on the weekend
  3. Buy Scrip Online
        1. First, set up a Shop With Scrip online account at, using the School Code: 674731D61842 
             1. Allows you to order through Scrip website and print off an E-Certificate to use either in store or online
             2. You can keep printing the E-Certificate off as long as there is money on it
             3. You can send eGifts to people through email
        2. Reload and Reload Now
             1. Allows you to reload physical gift cards for certain vendors through the website
             2. May take up to 24 hours
  4. Buy Scrip on your phone at
         1. You will need to have an account set up as in step #3
         2. Works like an app on your smart phone
         3. Order on your phone and use your phone at checkout using PrestoPay
         4. Example: You go to Lowes unexpectedly. Pull out your phone, order the amount you need, and by the time you are ready to pay you should have the certificate on your phone to pay your bill with
         5. Allows you to access all of your ScripNow E-Certificates on the go!
  5. How Do I Pay?
        1. Pay with cash or check in person
        2. Use the PrestoPay option on the Scrip Website
             1. Works very similar to PayPal, but for Scrip
             2. Links to your bank account and charges a $0.15 fee per transaction so the school is not charged
             3. Allows you to buy ScripNow and use My Scrip Wallet

Can my friends and parents use this program?
Yes!  All they need is the online school code.  They can even direct their purchases to a specific child’s tuition.  Even if your family lives in California, if they have the online code, they can make use of the ScripNow E-Certificates and help the school and lower a child’s tuition.

How Does This Help Me?
One of the big questions is how does Scrip benefit me? One way is by keeping tuition lower than what it actually costs to educate a child (roughly $6,000 a year). This also lowers the needed parish subsidy. If you funnel all of your various and sundry yearly expenses through the scrip program, you could potentially eliminate your entire child’s tuition for the year. Also, by being creative, you can get yourself free gas by using the FuelPerks program at Giant Eagle. Through the ease of being able to buy Scrip online and have access to an E-Certificate in minutes, either on your computer or on your phone, there is no need to worry about picking up the gift cards or going to school to get them. Helping the school is literally right at your fingertips, just for doing things that you already do!

For More Information
We are always looking for more parents to become Scrip Experts and Evangelizers – or Scriperts. Contact Jenny Altenberger at the school office (740-374-8181).