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Student Rules


  1. Students are to walk whenever entering or leaving the building and when moving from one area of the building to another.
  2. There should be a spirit of learning and quietness in the classrooms, halls and stairways whenever classes are in session (9:10 AM – 3:25 PM).
  3. Playing or loitering in or around the restrooms or locker rooms is prohibited.
  4. Students must have permission to be in the halls and restrooms during class time.
  5. Students are to follow the instructions of any school staff member with respect to student conduct in the building.
  6. Students are to keep floors in the classrooms, hallways and restrooms clear of paper and debris.
  7. Students are not to be in the classrooms after regular school hours without the permission of the teacher or principal.
  8. Students are not to remove school equipment or materials from the classroom without the permission of the teacher.


All students and staff will use appropriate and courteous language with each other at all times.  Profanity, abusive language, vulgarity, obscene words or any other type of language that is disrespectful is prohibited.  Disciplinary action will be taken when these violations are expressed.

Students are not permitted to have cell phones at school.  Permission to have a cell phone may be granted by the principal for special circumstances.  However, in such cases, the phone must be kept in the student’s locker or the office during the instructional day.

Students are permitted to use MP3 players and CD players and are permitted to use Gameboys or other handheld game devices before the first bell (8:50 AM) and during the recess period.  This equipment must remain in the student’s desk, locker, or backpack during the rest of the school day.  (Exception: students going directly from lunch/recess to a class that is not on the same floor as their homeroom class may keep the music player or game device in their pocket or with their books until the next class period.)  Consequence if student is using the player or game device at any other time during the school day – the player or game will be taken to the office and returned to the student at the end of the school day.  Consequence of 2nd violation – the player or game will be taken to the office and returned to the student on the last day of school.

St. Mary School will not be responsible for lost or stolen MP3 players, CD players, or handheld game devices.


  1. Unless there for a scheduled program or activity, students are not permitted in the building or on the playground until 8:30 A.M. as supervision by an adult is not available prior to this time. '
  2. Students in grades K - 8 are to wait in the gym until the first bell rings at 8:50 A.M.
  3. Students are to go directly home after school unless specific permission has been granted for special activities such as tutoring, working with a teacher, intramural sports, other authorized activities, sports program, etc.
  4. The bus loading/unloading area is on Marion Street, and bus students will enter and exit the building via the "old gym" door.  For the safety of students and the drivers of vehicles traveling on Marion and on 4th Streets, it is imperative that cars not park in the bus-loading zone or in other legally restricted areas.
  5. Walkers will exit the building via the "old gym" doors.  Walkers who arrive at school prior to the first bell will enter the building via the “old gym” and will remain there until the first bell.
  6. All students transported by private vehicle should exit the building via the alley doors of the parish center. Students will remain in the entry area and will be dismissed as their ride reaches the front line of cars in the alley.  In consideration of our neighbors, parents are asked to please form the line for dismissal in the school parking lot.
  7. At dismissal, students will not be permitted to cross Marion Street, Fourth Street, or the alley behind the school unless accompanied by an adult.


The high cost of hard back books prohibits yearly replacement of textbooks.  Proper care of books and materials is the responsibility of each student.  All books are to be covered by the second day of classes.  Please do not use contact paper or adhesive covers.

Books should be carried in a book-bag or backpack. Normal wear and tear is expected.  However, books that are excessively damaged or lost must be repaired or replaced by the student. Parents are asked to remind the students to keep books covered and to assist the student in caring for all books.


  1. Inside voices are to be used in the lunchroom.
  2. Food cannot be taken from the lunchroom to the playground.
  3. Before leaving the lunchroom, students are to clean up their table area and surrounding floor.
  4. All trash is to be disposed of by the students in the proper waste can.

School staff and parent volunteers provide supervision in the lunchroom and on the playground.  For health and safety reasons, it is important that children be supervised in the cafeteria and on the playground.  Some parents may not want to correct another parent's child.  PLEASE remember that we need lunch and playground volunteers to assist with the supervision of students to insure their health and safety.  A child could be injured when inappropriate and/or potentially harmful behaviors are ignored.  Your help and cooperation is imperative in this situation.


  1. Students are to listen to all adult supervisors, staff as well as parents, on the playground.  And, students are to treat these individuals in a respectful manner.
  2. Students may not leave the assigned playground or indoor recess area without permission from the supervisor that is on duty at the time.
  3. Students are responsible for any sports equipment taken outside.  Such equipment is to be returned when recess time is over. If a ball or equipment goes onto a roof or off the playground, the teacher or adult on duty will inform the office to arrange for the maintenance department to recover it.
  4. Tackle football, "keep away", or similar games can not to be played on the playground because of the safety factor.
  5. No snowballs are to be made or thrown on or near the school property.
  6. Safety rules for the playground and playground equipment are based on the following, which are prohibited:
    • fence climbing, walking on the slide, standing on the swings, running under the swings, throwing rocks/stones/mulch.
    • playing on the railings on the school building
    • shoving or pushing at any time
    • food, candy or beverages on the playground
  7. Games and other equipment used during indoor recess are to be returned to the designated areas by the students using these games or equipment.
  8. When indoor recess is in the new gym, students will change from their street shoes to their gym shoes.  The wood floor can be slippery, so stocking feet are not permitted for safety reasons.
  9. For indoor recess in the Parish Center, the following are not permitted:
    • running
    • climbing or sitting on the table
    • entering the kitchen area



  1. Students will receive a warning and verbal correction and students can return to play.
  2. When a 2nd warning is necessary, the student will stand by the building or sit on the steps (bleachers or chair during indoor recess) for a designated time-out, which can be for 2 to 3 minutes or for the remainder of that particular recess period.
  3. Students can receive checks or can be required to turn a card for inappropriate behavior at recess.
  4. Physical aggression will result in the loss of recess for a designated period of time.  This time period will be determined by the principal, with consultation with the staff person on playground duty. No warnings will be given.
  5. Recess is a privilege rather than a right.  Students who frequently choose to ignore playground/recess rules may loose the privilege of having recess with the other students and will spend this time in the office or other supervised area designated by the principal.

Students may ride bicycles to school provided the following rules are followed:

  • The student wears a helmet while riding the bicycle.
  • Bicycles are not to be ridden through/around the playground.
  • All bikes are to be locked to the bike rack.
  • Bikes must be taken home each day and not kept overnight at the school.
  • The school is not responsible for the theft or damage to any bicycle on school property.

Chewing gum is not permitted in the school building or on school grounds at any time.