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March 20-14


This week in Phonics we reviewed the two vowel rule and practiced reading many two vowel words. We continue to practice reading blends, words, and sentences and marking long and short vowels. We read Little Book 12 and Animal Friends Book 1 about a dog named Tip. In Math we are counting, recognizing and writing numbers, as well as learning about the solid shape of a cone. In Writing we practiced writing the letters E, O, I, K and L. 


In Religion we review each of the A Beka posters and add new ones to learn about the events leading up to Easter. This week we learned about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the betrayal by Judas, Pilate judges Jesus and Jesus on the cross. We continue to work on our Jesus Had a Holy Week booklet. 


We were world travelers as we learned about the country of Japan and each child brought home a paper with their name written in Japanese. We also learned about The Netherlands and saw some real wooden shoes (klompen). We’ve read quite a bit about the animals in the jungle and this week we learned about the people who inhabit the jungle. Native American Indians were also very interesting to learn about. We made a vase with flowers thaumotrope and had some fun with a twirling origami bird.


During the week of March 27-31, the Pre-K students will be leading the school in prayer over the PA system just after 9 a.m. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time, they are really looking forward to this.


The eagle eggs in the Decorah nest may start hatching next week. We have all had so much fun watching the nest so far, but just wait until the eggs hatch! Then the fun really begins as we get a bird’s eye view of  the eaglets.


Kindergarten screening went very well on Tuesday. If you have not done so already, please sign and send back the report card.


Have a great weekend.

Laraine Miller