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Partners in Education

What is the Partners in Education Program?

The Partners in Education Program is intended to build relationships between local companies and our school for the support and enrichment of the educational process. The program will be designed to benefit both the school and the business. The Partner should be prepared to utilize its human resources to offer time, expertise, and experience to achieve the program goals. In return, the Partner would become known as a community outreach leader. The Partner would have the opportunity to get in front of a young workforce, acting as educators to help instill the skills, values, and work ethic important to the company’s future.

Goals of the Partners in Education Program:

  • Developing the future business leaders of our community
  • Equipping students with the skills they need to succeed
  • Creating a practical application of students’ knowledge
  • Enhancing curriculum materials through collaboration
  • Ensuring students are exposed to the latest technologies
  • Educating students as to their local options for employment upon graduation
  • Inspiring children to achieve through positive role models
  • Helping students become contributing members of their community
  • Teaching students to use resources in the community to lead successful lives

About St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School in Marietta provides a comprehensive Catholic education from preschool through eighth grade, addressing the intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, and creative needs of each child. Our school challenges students to develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits to excel. The core curriculum includes religion, math, science, language arts, technology, social studies, music, physical education, art, and foreign languages. The school offers a learning environment in which a high value is placed on respect, self-discipline, and good behavior.

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