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Physical Education - Mr. Tom Binegar

Preschool- We are working on gross motor skills, walking on lines, following the leader and using soft bounce balls to catch and roll. Introduction to the safety of using scooters in physical education class such as keeping the fingers on the handles and not to drive the scooter over the fingers!  Becoming adept at controlling the scooter and sharing time with a partner using the scooter.  Students are learning the routine of physical education, such as listening to directions before beginning an activity. Preschool students have mastered the use of hop-along balls which requires good balancing. Students have been introduced to a tag game called "Pac-Man".  Students run sprints at various speeds to help their cardiovascular system.

Grades One thru Three - Working on gross motor skills, hopping on two feet, run to line and back, volleyball basics such as passing the volleyball with a partner and against the wall. Introduction of the scooter and the safety necessities as each student demonstrates his or her mobility around cones. Students are beginning to develop skills passing and catching various balls such as a football and basketball. Students have been introduced to the basics of floor hockey, how to use the hockey stick and pass the puck to a partner. Shots on goal are permitted with students taking turns protecting the goal.

Grades Four thru Eight - Physical Fitness exercises such as jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, some running to line and back. Introduction to volleyball skills such as passing the volleyball and keeping it alive against the wall with rule information gradually presented.  Volleyball players will be asked to demonstrate skills. Using the beach ball attempting to keep the larger ball in the air like volleyball relying on team work and an introductory game leading up to volleyball play. Students have been introduced to the basics of badminton, basketball and gymnastics. One on one basketball games have been almost completed in grades 5-8 boys and girls divisions. Floor hockey will be introduced in grades 4-8. Students are encouraged to jump rope to improve eye-hand coordination.

February: physical education objectives include:  Montessori, Pre K,  and K motor coordination with some throwing and catching balls using soft gym balls using partners. Grades 1-3 will be doing similar activities using basketballs for partner ball handling and passing drills. Grades four through eight will be timed for physical fitness improvement along with developing skills with the basketball.  Some basic gymnastics will be introduced to the students stressing safety features. Floor hockey will be introduced to all of the students. Jump ropes will be used to help with eye-hand coordination and promote cardio-vascular training.