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Kimdergarten - Mrs. Jocelyn Smith


Kindergarten Newsletter 3/31/17

Pizza Place Fundraiser:  Wednesday 4/5

Easter Break:  Thursday 4/13 - Sunday 4/23

Catholic Schools Week:  Monday 4/24 - Friday 4/28

Class Photos: Tuesday 5/9

Field Trip/Stacy’s Strawberry Farm:  Tuesday 5/16 @ 9:15

Art and Music Show: Wednesday 5/17 (Art @ 6 pm)

Kindergarten Graduation:  Monday 5/22 @ 2:45

School Picnic/Last Day:  Tuesday 5/23


Phonics:  s and h together make the “sh” sound and are coded with a digraph line underneath.  (shark sh)

Language:  Singular/Plural Nouns,Noun/Verb Agreement, Writing a Postcard, Expressing an Opinion About a Story.

Books: Money and Imagination Stories.

Printing practice with our Spelling words.

Spelling Word Bingo, Spelling Word Search, and ABC Order.

Journals:  What a plant needs to grow.

Decodable Reader:   Will She Tell(sh words).

This week’s words:  who, soon, too.

Upcoming Words:  they, there, our, out.

Friday Spelling Words:  the, they, there, this, that, with.



We began our unit on money!  Your child can earn a money pencil if they can identify the four main coins (quarter, dime, nickel, penny) and tell me their value. 

We have learned important facts about these coins and have done some adding of simple amounts together. Next week we will continue to work on coin addition.  Please help your child practice with any loose change that may be on hand.

Social St.


All about jobs, working for money, and spending and saving.


Spring (new growth).

We completed an experiment with celery and colored water to see how important water is to plants, how it travels through the plant, and what can happen to a plant that does not get water.


 Growth and maturity.




The Miracle of Lazarus.

Things we can do during Lent that remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

The Miracle of Jesus and the Blind Man.

Being kind to everyone despite their outward appearance or what we may think they are like (without knowing them).