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Home & School Meeting Minutes -- April 4th, 2011

Present: Jenny Altenberger, Lyndsey Bennett, Anita Betz, Cathy Dunaway, Kellie Falter, Liz Kern, Pamela Masselli, Darcie Porter, Josh Smith


Jenny presented profit amounts for several fundraisers.  Ladies Night Out and the Santa shop experienced budget gains.  The mum sale experienced a budget loss this past fall.  The CSW luncheon had a budget loss of $700.  Anita decided H&S needs to figure in a larger budget loss for next year’s luncheon as compared to this year’s luncheon.

Darcie will distribute flower sale order forms to all classes this week.  She will also drop off a bulletin announcement and forms to the Church.  She will send out an email asking for volunteers for delivery and distribution on May 2nd and 3rd.

H&S has field trip request forms from kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 4th.  5th and 6thstill need to talk to Mrs. Angel.

Kellie Falter was nominated to be H&S secretary next year.  Liz would like to step down as vice president and hot lunch coordinator.

Tonya Booth is well prepared for the Book Fair.  The flyers went out to the students today.

Amy Westbrock has four evening activities planned for TV Turnoff Week.  Tiffany Keffer and Stacy Archer are assisting her.

Anita is holding off on scheduling the end of the year party.  The YMCA’s bid for staffing the Aquatic Center is not approved yet.  City council votes this Thursday.