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Government Services

St. Mary's School receives some federal and state dollars that can be used to provide supplemental services for our students in grades K - 8.  These services are provided in the learning trailer as well as in the school building, itself.

TITLE 1 PROGRAM - Remedial reading and remedial math services are available for students who meet eligibility criteria as set by the Federal and State of Ohio Title1 Offices.  The amount of money that we receive for services is based on the family income level of our students, but income level has no bearing on eligibility to receive these remedial services.  Scores on standardized achievement tests establish eligibility for students in grades K – 8.  The Title 1 teacher provides supplemental instruction classes, with a maximum of 6 students in each class.  St. Mary's School qualifies for only a part-time teacher, so Title 1 services cannot be provided for all eligible students. 

Title 1 services are available for St. Mary’s students who reside within the Marietta City Schools district, excluding the Putnam School attendance area.  This exclusion is made because Putnam School is not eligible for the Title 1 program, and Title 1 services are not provided for children attending that public school.  Services that we provide must be in accordance with those provided by Marietta City Schools in regard to grade levels and subject areas.

Title 1 services are also available for St. Mary students who reside in other Ohio school districts if there were any students from that district who met the income eligibility levels for free or reduced lunches when this information was gathered in the spring preceding the current academic year.

SPECIAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTION - Children who have a disability as determined by a multifactored evaluation are eligible to receive supplemental services based on their individual needs as specified in their Service Plan.  The teacher is classified as an Intervention Specialist and can provide services for children with any disability classification.

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY - Speech/language therapy is available for students who meet the eligibility requirements as set by the Ohio Department of Education, Divisions of Special Education and Early Childhood.  Eligibility is determined by a multifactored evaluation.

TALENTED AND GIFTED PROGRAM – The coordinator of the Talented and Gifted Program serves students who meet eligibility requirements as set by the Ohio Department of Education.  The program provides direct services to students as well as staff development to assist our classroom teachers in meeting the academic needs of TAG students in their respective classes.  This is a half-time position, so it is not always possible to provide direct services for students at all grade levels K – 8.

NURSING SERVICES - The school nurse or health aide oversees student health records; completes vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings as well as other screenings that may be required by the Ohio Department of Health; insures that students are in full compliance with immunization requirements for school attendance; and monitors health care practices as stipulated by the State of Ohio and Diocese of Steubenville.  The nurse or health aide provides basic first aid services, administers student medications and trains other school personnel to administer medications in her absence.

CLERK/SECRETARY - A part time clerk/secretary position is funded by Auxiliary Services monies.  Her duties are restricted to Auxiliary Services programs.

MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT - Funds are available for the purchase of textbooks, instructional materials and equipment.  Purchases are limited to those items used directly by students.  The purchase of religion textbooks and materials is not permitted with these funds.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - A limited amount of money is available to our staff for professional development activities.