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Art - Mrs. Molly Frye

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Grading Policy for Art 2016-17 School Year (updated 10-30-16)
To eliminate confusion for the parents and students, the art grading policy is as follows.

  • Students will be given grades on each assignment.  Over the course of the year, they will typically end up with anywhere from 5-8 projects.  Daily grades are not given as I believe students move at different paces while working on their projects.  Ultimately, their effort, time management, skill level, and behavior are implied in the end result.  In art, how they get their end result is not something that I heavily control (this particularly applies more as the students progress in age-4th grade and up).
  • As art is inherently subjective, I am looking to evaluate the students in a way that yields a true "bell curve."  To that end, a project that is given an honest effort and completed on time will be evaluated alongside other projects in the class and more than likely fall into the A range.
  • Any incomplete project that is turned in will automatically be able to receive a grade no higher than a C.
  • Any assignment not turned in will receive 0 points.  If I have nothing to grade I cannot give any credit.
  • If an assignment is turned in after the due date (given at the end of every rotation and typically one week after the date of our last day of class), the student's project will be evaluated as laid out above.  However, they will be docked one grade level because they did not meet the deadline of the project.
  • No projects can be given credit after the close of the grades for any given quarter so long as the deadline falls within that particular quarter.
  • Grades will be posted on Infinite Campus within one week of the deadline date given to the students at the end of their rotation.   Zero's will indicate the students who have not turned in their work and will notify the parent to the problem.