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Academics at St. Mary School


St. Mary School is a Catholic Elementary School offering programs from pre-school through eighth grade.  The Course of Study for all Religion classes is based on the guidelines developed by the Diocese of Steubenville. Each grade level relates to experiences and faith development according to age group, and each grade focuses on a particular Catholic theme.

All students enrolled at St. Mary will attend daily religion classes.  Attendance of religion classes by non-Catholic students affords them an opportunity to learn about a religion other than their own. 

Religious practices at St. Mary are typically as follows:

  • daily prayer
  • monthly Masses
  • Para-Liturgical services and Bible/Prayer services
  • Sacrament of Penance for appropriate grades
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Devotion to the Rosary

Catholic students are prepared for reception of the Sacraments in the respective grades:

  • Second Grade                          First Eucharist
  • Second Grade                          First Penance
  • Seventh/Eighth Grade             Confirmation

The staff of Mary School is committed to providing a program of academic excellence.  The school is chartered by the Ohio Department of Education and teachers hold Ohio Department of Education certification.  While a Bachelor's Degree is the minimum education requirement for all teachers, many staff members hold advanced degrees.

Classes begin with Montessori pre-school, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten through grade eight.  Classes are primarily self-contained for grades K – 5.  Subject area departmentalization begins with grade 6.  Teachers with specialized training provide instruction for physical education, music, band, art, technology, and foreign language.

Montessori is a philosophy with the fundamental tenet being a child learns best within a social environment supporting his or her unique development.  Montessori activities promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive preparation. Curriculum goals include reading readiness, English language arts, literature, story telling. Social studies, geography, mathematics, science, health, botany, handwriting, art, music, physical education and foreign languages.

The pre-kindergarten program follows the A Beka curriculum.  A Beka is built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training.

Courses of study for grades kindergarten through 8 are based on Ohio’s New Learning Standards and the guidelines and policies of the Diocese of Steubenville Office of Education. 

Classes include religion, math, language arts (reading, English, spelling, handwriting, and phonics), science, health, social studies, art, music, band, physical education, and technology.  Pre-algebra and algebra are offered in grades 7 & 8.  Foreign language instruction is provided for students from preschool through Grade 8.

Parents are welcome to review the learning standards for all grade levels and subjects.

Homework will be given to help strengthen and enhance the educational program.  Assignments will be geared to meet the need of the students.  Doing schoolwork at home is a discipline that should be built into the student’s lives.  Homework involves both written and study activities.  Homework will be assigned on a regular basis for all grade levels.  The amount and nature of the work assigned for home is left to the judgement of the individual teacher, in consultation with the principal.  If there is a time allotment for homework, it is based upon the ability of an “average” student.

A complete library containing more than 3,000 books is available to all students. New titles are added on a yearly basis.

The computer lab is equipped with PC desktop computers, a big screen monitor for classroom instruction, a laser printer and a scanner. All computers in the school have wireless access to the Internet.  St. Mary School in on-line with SEOVEC, an educational computer network.  The Diocesan Acceptable Use Internet Safety Policy was implemented effective the 2001/02 academic year.   In addition to the equipment in the lab, a minimum of two desktop computers and at least one printer are in each classroom.

Our technology coordinator provides weekly computer classes for all students in grades prekindergarten – 8th grade.  Instruction is guided by the computer course of study that addresses skills in basic computer literacy, word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, and telecommunications.  The computer lab is also available for use by individual classes under the direction of the respective homeroom teachers.