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Sixth Grade - Mrs. Julia Brown

Mrs. Brown’s email:

This week, the 6th grade class will be hosting a bake sale at lunch to raise money for our class service project- Water for Sudan.

We use a 7 point grading scale at St. Mary Catholic.



6th Grade Math

This week students will begin working with the distributive property and combining like terms.

6th Grade Literature

Students will read The Emporer's Silent Army this week.  Vocab is due on Weds, and worksheets are due Thurs.  There will be a test on the story on Friday.

6th Grade History

This week we will move into studying Ancient Greece.  The vocab and review for Chapter 3 Lesson 1 will be due on Thurs.

6th Grade Religion

We will begin Chapter 12- The Body of Christ.  (Students are also working on their Saint from A-Z books.  6 completed pages are due by April 12.

7th Grade US History

We will finish up the Constitution Unit this week with a review of the 27 Amendments.  There will be a unit test over the entire "Forming a Government" section on Friday, March 31st.

8th Grade US History

This week the students will be investigation primary sources about the ills of the Progressive Era.  Mon and Tue the students will work with a partner to evaluate the sources, Weds we will review and begin preparing for Thurs and Friday's Socratic Seminar.