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Fourth Grade - Mrs. Lori Estes

March 6-10

Math: Chapter 8 continued.  Test possibly Fri. March 10

Science:  Unit 7 test  Wed. 3/8  
Reading:  no vocab. snapshots this week  
English:  final copy of Research Report due Fri. March 10  

Ohio HIstory:  Chapter 4 lesson 1 quiz 3/6.............. Lesson 2 quiz Thurs. 3/9

Religion test:  Tues. 3/7


***With the Iowas and regular tests, I would like to give the class at least one extra recess next week to reward them for all of their efforts. 


***Mark your calenders!!!****

Two field trips are scheduled:  Campus Martius Museum Tues. May 16 and The Works: a center for science, history, and technology.  Looking for volunteers!  We will walk to Campus Martius.  The Works is in Newark, Oh.  Hope to leave around 8:30 and return by 3:15.  We will also be walking to three mounds in Marietta.  This may also be in the same week. update on our donations!  On Friday, while knee deep in cake batter, I received a call from Mario Barquero Enterprises.  They needed our boxes delivered to Grove City by Sunday because they would be picking them up Monday morning.  So, on Sunday we headed up with all of our boxes, plus a few that I had completely overlooked!  There we met up with Guiselle, who informed us that our smallest boxes would cost as much as the biggest box.  She recommended that we repack everything into 4 of the largest boxes we could get.  This amazing woman helped for three hours!  In the end, our total came to $1000 to ship everything!  If we had not repacked, the total would have been $2000!  In about a month, our boxes will arrive to Kattia in Costa Rica!  She has promised videos and pictures!  I am looking forward to sharing these with all of you!  Once again, thank you so very much for all of  your donations!


Hello everyone!  Please be sure to let me know if you would like a conference.  They are Tuesday, Feb. 7 or Wednesday, Feb. 15.  We finally have a drop off location for all of our donations for Costa Rica!  The total cost for shipping will be $985!  With our anonymous donation of $1000, we have it covered!  Amen!!!!  I need to have the boxes dropped off to Grove City between next Tuesday and Thursday.  If anyone happens to be going that way and wouldn't mind delivering our boxes, please let me know!  I am so proud of our class!  Thank you, also!


I forgot to mention a few things in the letter that came home on Wednesday, January 4....Iowa testing is right around the corner.  Our first day will be February 27.  Mid-terms are February 10.  Conferences on February 7 and 15.  There will also be no school on February 20 due to President's Day.


I want to wish all of you a very merry and safe Christmas!  I can't believe half of a year is gone already!  These last three days will consist of finishing up units.  (Well, not Wednesday, of course!)  I wanted our class to start fresh with new chapters/units in January!  I also wanted to update you on our donations for Costa Rica....I talked with our liaison and if we can get our items into one big box, there may be an organization who can help us.  They sent supplies from a school out of Wisconsin for $150!  Fingers crossed and extra prayers!!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Because this is the time of year where we reflect on how blessed we truly are, let me give a big "Thank you" for raising such genuinely gracious kids!  They have embraced the "We make a Difference" theme!  We have around 350 pounds of donations to send to Costa Rica!  Make sure to read the copy of our story in the Marietta Times that was sent home today!  I did, however, find out that it is going to be extremely expensive to freight everything.  I am waiting on UPS to get back with me about whether they will freight our items because we do not have the 500 pound minimum.  One box was approximated to be $1400 to send by plane.  This is why I am looking to send by boat instead.  This may still be almost $3,000.  One of our teachers suggested setting up a GoFundMe page.  I will look into that, as well.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know!



A big thank you to our class parents for putting together a great fall treat party yesterday!   Also, thank you so much for all of the dog and cat food donations a couple of weeks ago!  Our class had such a great time collecting the items and being in the lead for a couple of days!  The seventh grade took over 2500 pounds of food to the shelter!  The Humane Society didn't know where they were going to put it all!  Love that!  I think it is a true reflection on our families that this class has genuine hearts for giving and making a difference!


I spoke with my liaison from Costa Rica over this past weekend.  She informed me that if we want our donations to get to the children by the start of their new school in February, we will need to ship our items by mid-November.  So, unfortunately, January will not work.  I will have to make the cut-off for our donations by mid- November.  Thanks for all that you have provided!  I can't wait to share with the class all the photos that we will surely receive from these children!!!



Believe it or not, we are done with the first quarter!!!  I am hoping that your child is feeling more relaxed with our daily routines.  As the year continues, I will be expecting more of them.  I am sure they have told you that their powergraphs are becoming a little more difficult.  I want variety in their sentences along with transitions.  We had a great time building bridges out of straw, masking tape and paper clips the last two days.  Took lots of pictures.  Make sure to ask your child all about it!  I also gave students the opportunity to make up any missing assignments over the last couple of weeks.  This will be the only time.  From now on, if an assignment is missing after 3 days, it will be a zero.



Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  The Fall Festival was very successful this year! 

I am having trouble getting photos on our website.  I will have Mrs. Rauch help me when she gets some time.  If we cannot get them put on, I will make a CD and give to each student at the end of the year.


I am hoping to get photos put on our page that the "photographer" has taken throughout each week.  I have loved looking at them!  Seeing their point-of-view is quite interesting!  Be looking for these to appear in the next few days. 

With a few tests already behind us, you can see we are moving right along.  I truly believe that they are starting to get the procedures down, and there will be less confusion in the coming weeks! 

Just a reminder....Scholastic orders are due by Friday, September 2. I have already told the class that I will be out next Wednesday.  We are taking my oldest son, Gavin, to the airport to head to New York.  Next Thursday, he flies over to Madrid, Spain.  I think the class has had a great time getting to know him this week!  We look forward to Skyping with him throughout the year and using our Spanish!  Hope you all have a great 3 day weekend!



A few changes have been made to our classroom.  One, I am sure your child has already told you about:  We changed our desks around.  Too much chit-chat was taking place.  The class has been informed that behavior requirements will be in full force now.  Our system is similar to the pull-a-card.  We now give checks.  The first is just a warning.  The second will require the student to write a letter home to their parents explaining the rule they broke.  The third will have them being sent to Mrs. Rauch.  And, finally, if another check is given, he/she will be given a detention. 

Another rule that will be implemented is as follows:  homework is to be turned the next day.  However, I realize that circumstances do arise.  If an assignment is 3 days late, it will receive a 0. 

Your child has been working very hard on getting their writing/reading binder organized.  There are five sections.  This will be coming home almost everyday.  They have been taking class notes in which an assignment follows.  On Fridays, they will be required to hand in one powergraph that will be taken for both a writing and spelling grade.  So far, the powerwriting technique is producing great thinking organizers and first drafts. 

This class has lots of energy, which I love!  They are very kind and sweet!  Many offer help to not only me, but to their classmates, as well!  I truly believe that in the next couple of weeks we will be running smoothly!





I hope you all had a great first week!  I know it might have seemed a little crazy, and at times a little confusing, but do not worry.  Starting next week, things get more organized and normal.  I think we have a great group.  I am amazed at the manners!  (Good job, parents!)  I have already received some composition books for our Costa Rica project....a big "Thank you!"  Have a great weekend!  I am anxious to hear if any of you became "mind readers" over the weekend!


****Please add:  take a photo of your child giving out their "I Make a Difference" ribbon.  We will be adding these to our room on a special wall.


Hello!  Welcome to a brand new school year!  Even though summer flew by, I hope you had a great one and made many fantastic memories! 

I am getting very excited as the first day draws closer!  I have been working on the room trying to make it fun and energetic, and welcoming!  We are going to be spending many hours over the school year in this room, and it is my hope that you enjoy what you see!  It is also my hope that you have many positive experiences in this room!  Just remember, I am like a mama bear coming out of hibernation......By this I mean, it has been several years since I last taught.  We are all going to have to work together to make this a year to remember!  We may find some things work well, while others do not.  That is okay!  One of the phrases you will find in the room is, "It's okay to not know, but it's not okay to not try." 

Please add 2 binders of any color to your list of supplies.  We will be turning one of these into a Spanish book, of sorts.  My oldest son, Gavin, will be coming in a few times to get to know all of you before he leaves for Spain.  He will be studying abroad this school year.  I would love to Skype with him once a week and use the Spanish you have already  been learning.  It would be awesome to have conversations with him throughout the school year.

Another idea I would love for you to keep in mind:  Gavin and my other son, Owen, just got back from an ambassador exchange to Costa Rica.  They completed a community service project working with school children. While playing soccer, the children had to use their shoes for goals because they do not have any.  Many of them cut out the tips of their shoes because they have outgrown them and do not have any other pairs.  I have been going through my kid's closets sorting out what does and does not fit, and it just hit me:  why can't we send all of our old clothes to this community!  Maybe we could even donate soccer goals.  Every little bit will make a difference, which by the way is a major theme for our class this year (hint hint)!  Here are just a few more items they are in need of:  backpacks (even old!), composition notebooks, markers, pencils, folders, pencils, calculators, Spanish dictionaries, glue, sharpeners, tape, construction paper, gloves, hand soap, toothbrushes and paste, pet supplies (I know I have a few CAT lovers), paint....I would just love to show our children how we can make a difference in a community that would truly and genuinely appreciate it!  Wouldn't it be awesome if we could Skype and converse in Spanish with them, as well!  Something to think about!


I can't wait to meet all of you and am looking forward to a positive and rewarding school year!