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Third Grade - Mrs. Jaime Cunningham

March 25, 2017

Dear Third Grade Parents,

This week in language arts, we will be reading The Journey of Oliver T. Woodman.  Our Phonics focus will be on Suffixes –ful, -y, -ous, -ly, and –er.  Grammar will be centered around Abbreviations.

In Math, we are finishing up Chapter 12 Represent and Interpret Data.  We will be testing on it Wednesday.  Thursday we will begin Chapter 13 Perimeter and Area.

In Religion, we are continuing with Chapter 14 Live in the Light.  We plan to test on this Chapter Thursday.  We have been learning about the Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  We have also been discussing ways that we can be a light in the world.

In Social Studies we should be wrapping up our Marietta History unit by the end of the week. Due to the many disruptions the end of the school year seems to have, we have gotten behind schedule with Social Studies.  Rest assured, I WILL BE SENDING HOME A STUDY GUIDE IN PLENTY OF TIME BEFORE ANY QUIZ OR TEST IS GIVEN. 

This time of year there are MANY things going on.  We will try to keep on with the curriculum, however, be aware that there may not be as many “grading” opportunities as with the previous 3 grading periods.  With Catholic Schools Week, Spirit Week, Right to Read Week, Easter Vacation, etc. there will be many “different” activities coming up that may change schedules/curriculum pacing. 

This being said, we are getting closer and closer to 4th Grade!  I know everyone is excited, the weather is changing and summer vacation is getting closer!  I appreciate any assistance you can give me in reminding students that they DO have a few more weeks left and work to do.  I have been chasing some students down to complete and turn in homework.  In addition, some spelling assignments appear to be completed with the thought that “Mrs. Cunningham doesn’t read them”.  This week, I returned MANY spelling assignments that were not completed accurately or legibly. 

Many items have already been brought in for our service project. Thank you to everyone who is helping us!  Monday April 10th is the deadline to bring in items!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Jaime Cunningham

Third Grade Spelling List

Monday March 27 –

Friday March 31 , 2017

1.      singer

2.    loudly

3.    joyful

4.    teacher

5.    fighter

6.    closely

7.    powerful

8.    farmer

9.    quickly

10.           careful

11.           friendly

12.           speaker

13.           wonderful

14.           truly

15.           hopeful

16.           safely

Extra credit words:

1.     listener

2.    calmly

Due Monday: Write each of your words 3 times each in cursive

Due Tuesday: Select 5 spelling words.  Using an index card for each (we have these at school if you need any) write a definition for each, list the part of speech, and add an illustration.

Due Wednesday: In cursive, write an eight sentence paragraph describing a job someone might have and what they might do in a day.  Use as many spelling words as you can.  Sentences need correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization.

Due Thursday:  Using cursive writing, write your words in ABC order.